Opening Hours: 1 Dec. 10:00-18:00 • 2 Dec. 10:00-17:00

Grecka Panorama

Following the successful completion of the 3rd GRECKA PANORAMA in Warsaw, in PGE Narodowy in December 2017, North Events announces the 4th tourism exhibition for 2018 which again will take place at the National Stadium of PGE Narodowy, in Warsaw, on the 1-2 December.

THE GREEK FOOD SHOW will also take place for the third time this year, at the same venue & dates with the aim to present Greek gastronomy and local products. 

Business Day: 30 November 2018 
(Polonia Palace Hotel, Warsaw)

Public Days: 1-2 December 2018

Opening Times

Saturday 1  December 20178 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 2 December 2018: 10:00 – 17:00

The exhibition GRECKA PANORAMA will feature a number of hotels, travel agencies, popular tourism destinations, services, and more importantly big travel offers specially for the duration of the fair. THE GREEK FOOD SHOW will also be a very important part of the exhibition, as in 2017, since multiple cooking demonstrations, product tastings, samplings and selling of traditional high quality products will be featured throughout the fair.  

Greece remains the first destination of choice for Polish travelers, as over 1.000.000 visitors came to Greece in 2017, while estimates for 2018 mention again a significant percentage increase. This important rise in numbers – an approximate 50% since 2013-2014, is expected to grow more in the folllowing years according to representatives from the Polish and Greek travel industry. 

Opportunities and Prospects for the Polish Market

In a market of almost 39 million people, in one of Europe’s most important and developing economies and with a solid economic development, Greece has the potential not only to maintain the flowing numbers of visitors but furthermore increase them in a strategic and long term cooperative outlook between both countries.