Opening Hours: 7 Dec. 10:00-18:00 • 8 Dec. 10:00-17:00

Greek Food Show

THE GREEK FOOD SHOW will be taking place parallel to the 5th GRECKA PANORAMA exhibition, on December 7-8, 2019, at the National Stadium of PGE Narodowy in Warsaw.
The fair aims to present culinary Greece, by promoting Greek gastronomy and traditional high quality products. This is the thrid event – exclusively for promoting Greek gastronomy and products in Poland.

Business Day: 6 December 2019
(Venue to be announced, B2B Meetings, Evening Gala )

Public Days: 7-8 December 2019

Opening Times

Saturday 7 December 2019: 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 8 December 2019: 10:00 – 17:00


Great Interest from the Polish Market

It was evident even from the first exhibition of GRECKA PANORAMA in 2015 that the public was very keen on the Greek food section, with thousands of people participating in food events while at the same time also purchasing Greek products sold on the spot from exhibitors. Consequently the organizer company, North Events, strategically decided to place bigger emphasis on the food section and provide an even greater experience to the public since 2016, and hence the GREEK FOOD SHOW became an instanct success story.

Between 2019- 2014 exports from Greece to Poland rose by an impressive 60% with a turnover of over 300 million Euros. Main exports include fresh fruits, fish and olive oil.
It is also the case that the average Polish consumer is slowly turning towards a more Mediterranean diet, and a healthier – nutritious one, while at the same time the organic and bio-produced food products have gained the attention of the public where it is estimated to increase by 40%.

The exhibition has specific aims by which a stronger presence for Culinary Greece is made feasible:

  • Determining branding for Greek gastronomy and authentic quality produced products
  • Promoting authentic, quality food products
  • Developing a consumer who is conscious and aware of the origin of Greek produced food products

For the exhibitors, THE GREEK FOOD SHOW is a great opportunity to come into direct contact with potential buyers via the Business Day on Friday the 6th of December, as well as with Polish consumers durign the fair dates (7-8 Dec.), for testing their products, for branding and market positioning, sampling new product ranges, and communicating directly with potential clients.