Opening Hours: 7 Dec. 10:00-18:00 • 8 Dec. 10:00-17:00


OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives:
Showcasing superior quality and taste in GRECKA PANORAMA 2017.

The Panhellenic Association of Table Olive Processors, Packers and Exporters (PEMETE) will introduce the campaign “OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives” in Poland. The campaign is a 3-year promotional program co-financed by the European Union, aiming to increase the awareness of and demand for the European Table Olives of both professionals and consumers, as well to develop exports in the target market of Poland and 5 other European markets (UK, Germany, France, Austria and Sweden).
The campaign “OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives” will be presented in GRECKA PANORAMA 2017 during the “Business Day”. Professionals will have the opportunity to attend the presentation of the Program OLIVE YOU by a representative of the PEMETE Board of Directors. The speech will focus on the European Table Olives, their superior quality, full taste and high production standards, and will be followed by tastings of the varieties of this delicious and healthy food. The all-day business event will be accentuated by a lunch break catered by distinguished chef Kuba Korczak, with culinary creations based on European table olives popular varieties, “HALKIDIKI”, “KONSERBOLIA”, “KALAMATA”.
The main objective of this business event is to strengthen relations between Greek and Polish professionals, which will lead to the future development of synergies and partnerships.
The 3-year campaign “OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives” will reach professionals, retailers, journalists, chefs, foodies, and consumers of all ages, through advertising, promotion, sampling, publicity, taste panels and more, to further familiarize them with this natural and tasty food product.

PEMETE (Panhellenic Association of Table Olive Processors, Packers and Exporters) is a professional association, founded in 1970, that promotes the interests of table olive exporters. The members of PEMETE are Greek exporting table olive processing, packaging and marketing companies. All of them process their end products in accordance with the existing Food Safety Regulation 852/2004.
The 46 member-companies of PEMETE represent more than 90% of Greece’s exports of table olives to more than 100 countries. These companies export some outstanding and unique Greek table olive varieties, such as: “Konservolia” a variety mostly farmed in Central Greece, “Chalkidiki” is mostly met in Northern Greece, “Kalamata” is - mainly but not exclusively - farmed in the regions of Etoloakarnania, Laconia and Phtiotida. Furthermore, small quantities of "Throuba" and "Megaritiki" varieties are included in their product range. The greatest advantage of Greek table olives is that the olives “ripen” naturally on the olive trees, in other words, no chemical means are used to make them black.